What do I need to know about buying a pool?

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The Who, What, When, Where, and Whys for choosing, buying, and having your dream pool landscape installed without disappointment.

First off, I’m going to change the order because you need to consider these questions in the order they will impact your pool and pool-setting design decision making.

When? There are a lot of reasons to start here. If you’re thinking you might like to install a pool along with a designed pool-setting in 2018 you may think you still have a lot of time. You don’t. The best contractors get pre-booked well in advance so if you call them in March you will probably be looking at the fall of 2018 at the earliest for your pool installation.

Even after you’ve chosen a designer/contractor there’s still a lot to do before breaking ground. You have to have a “discovery” conversation with your designer/contractor so he/she can make suggestions and develop the design drawings. These then have to be fine tuned. Materials have to be chosen as do suppliers and it all has to be scheduled into a project plan so all of the materials will be on site when it is required.

So, a great tip is to get all of the planning and design work done in the off season so you can get on the contractor’s construction schedule for early 2018. The bottom line , get talking to your contractor long before you want to get your project started.

What? What’s your budget? And, what have you anticipated to be included in that amount? Our clients call us, not because they want a pool installed, but because they want a completely landscaped resort-like pool setting for their backyard. The two are as different as a Ford Fusion and a Lexus. Sure, both of them get you from point A to point B, but they do it quite differently. Are you buying the Ford Fusion or the Lexus? Decide ahead of time. What type of landscaping do you want? What accessories and features do you want? This also has an impact on the type of contractor you decide to hire.

Who? You are best to choose a designer/contractor that can deliver a complete turnkey solution. This avoids finger pointing and having things fall between the cracks because the same person will be responsible for everything. It’s like we like to say: “From design to ready to enjoy!”™ Choose a contractor who can deliver what you want, from start to finish. When you have a relationship with a professional who takes the time to thoroughly understand your needs, wants, and dreams, they will help you get there by offering sound choices and creative ideas that you may not have seen or thought of before. The bottom line, choose a contractor you can trust, know that even the best laid plans often go awry when unexpected things arise, work with your contractor to overcome these obstacles, and get the result you want for the amount you have available.

Why? Why are you putting in a pool? Entertaining? Fitness? Relaxing? This may affect the type of pool recommended. E.g., a spa vs. a lap pool (for fitness) vs. a full-size pool (family enjoyment, entertaining).

How? How much space do you have? This may also impact the pool selection recommendation. Pools come in a variety of sizes starting quite small. And, with our ability to lift a pool right over your home to put it in place, you may very well be able to accommodate a pool even if you think you can’t.

Where? Where to get more information? Of course there is the internet. But, on some of the pages on our site (e.g., our blog) we have a search feature. If you put in the term “pools” you will get all of the pages and blog posts that mention pools. We have information on accessories, vinyl pools vs. fibreglass pools, and a lot more, so go ahead and explore.

After you do, contact us to schedule a preliminary meeting to get your 2018 pool project started and on to the construction schedule.