Pools are for Playing

Categories: Pools and Swimspas

Deciding to invest in a pool is a big decision. But, it’s not just an investment in your property, it’s an investment in your outdoor lifestyle.

Unlike in times past, putting a pool in your backyard isn’t about installing the proverbial rectangular- or kidney-shaped pool—oh, and making sure you have the requisite fence to meet local bylaws to boot. Today our clients invest in custom-designed resort-looking pool settings that include night lighting, outdoor kitchens, outdoor bars, cabanas, pergolas, etc. The works you might say! These extra amenities are available pretty much regardless of the type of pool you decide to install. Our clients are investing, not in a pool, but in an outdoor lifestyle that is highly personal and fits their family’s unique needs.

Based on that fact alone—creating the lifestyle that best fits your needs—we chose to exclusively offer fibreglass pools and think fibreglass is your best choice.

Pro-concrete pool pundits will tell you that concrete pools can be any size, shape, or depth. That is true. But fibreglass pools come in enough sizes and shapes to meet the needs of all but the most exceptional buyer. They also may tell you that a concrete pool has more flexibility. You can add a tanning ledge, custom tile, or a vanishing edge, etc. None of these embellishments are limited to concrete pools any longer. Today you have almost as much flexibility with a fibreglass pool as you do with a concrete pool.

But, the biggest reason to consider a fibreglass pool is…

Pools are for playing, not working!

Fibreglass pools require less maintenance and have lower lifetime costs than any other major type of pool. The low maintenance of a fibreglass pool means that you can spend more time playing in it than working on it which, and here we’ve come full circle, just proves our point. Investing in a fibreglass pool is an investment in your outdoor lifestyle, and that means more fun and less work.

So, if you’re considering investing in a pool think about the big picture. Sure, look at all of your options. But then think about why you’re doing this in the first place. We think that when you do, you’ll come full circle too and be back to looking at a fibreglass pool solution for your outdoor lifestyle. Because pools are for playing in not working on.

Land Effects designs custom pool settings and then builds and installs them for its customers. If you’re considering an investment in your outdoor lifestyle we’d love to hear from you!