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What does Freddie Laker have to do with our website award?

Posted on Thursday, January 19, 2017
Written by Keith Evans

I believe it was Sir Freddie Laker, businessman, entrepreneur, and founder of Laker Airlines,  (and I’ll paraphrase from memory here) who said…

     When a passenger lowers her tray table and finds it dirty, she has a subconscious visceral response, a discomfort, she feels uneasy. The question she asks herself subconsciously is, “If this is how they maintain their tray tables, then how do they maintain their engines?” She may never know what caused her to be uneasy but there is a good chance she will never fly with our airline again."

This is something that I always pay attention to in my business as a landscape design and construction company—especially given the bad reputation often attributed to contractors.

For example,

  • If we don't communicate with our clients during the project and keep them up-to-date on all and any issues that occur
  • If we don't keep the job site clean
  • if our staff come to work dressed as if their after work job is as an extra in a gangland turf movie
  • If our website is poorly designed and hard to navigate

… they might subconsciously wonder how this lack of attention to detail might find its way into the quality of our design and our work and it may cause a similar uneasiness.

If this happens they won’t write a positive review or refer potential clients—both disastrous situations as this is how we get most of our new business.

This is the reason we work very hard to be both transparent in everything we do and make every interaction with our customers a positive experience—including our website—often the first representation of our company a potential client sees. So, a positive experience has to start with having a nicely designed and easy to navigate website right through to having straight forward and easy to understand client proposals, regular communication with our clients, professional staff, and a professional quality and “best practices” design and construction mindset.

website award from Landscape OntarioThis is why we were pleased to learn that we have received an award of excellence for our website from Landscape Ontario. Landscape Ontario evaluates the website based on its professionalism (how well we represent professional values to the public), its transparency, and its ability to serve the public.

The real test of our work is in how happy our clients are with both the quality of the work we do for them and the quality of the experience they had working with us. But, for us to attract new clients online, potential clients have to have a subconscious gut reaction that says, “We should check these guys out.” We encourage this and hope that our potential clients read our reviews on HomeStars and HOUZZ.

So far what we have been doing online seems to be working for us. We are committed to continuing to make sure that our clients have a positive experience with us—from long before they sign a contract to long after the job is complete.

Bottom picture: That's me on the right, Keith Evans, President of Land Effects Outdoor Living Spaces Ltd. with John Lewis, my marketing guy who does the website, photography, design, copywriting, etc., for Land Effects.

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