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Add Natural Stone to Your Landscape

Posted on Friday, August 12, 2016
Written by Keith Evans

Few landscaping features can add a sense of luxurious timelessness to your landscape like Armour Stone.

Armour Stone used in front yard landscape designArmour Stone is quarried limestone that can have the rugged look of natural stone, or have a more structural look of cut blocks. Which we choose is usually dependent on its use. Blocks are ideal for step grading, stairs, and retaining walls, while the more rugged-looking stone is great to add decorative accents. But, there are no hard and fast rules. We often use the more rugged variety for much more than their natural look—not only for the above but for pool edging (sometimes including a cascading waterfall, how cool is that?), driveway edging, raised flower beds, and whatever else our creative sensibilities can dream up.

Armour Stone comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours—chosen to fit the design objectives. It can be used in the front yard to create a commanding street presence or as part of your backyard design to give structure, weight, timelessness, and a rugged outdoorsy feel to your space.

And that’s really the best thing about Armour Stone. Have you ever sat on a limestone outcropping while hiking, just chilling out, enjoying the heat of the rock and the view of Georgian Bay? Armour Stone brings that same natural and timeless look and feel to your own backyard. And if you’re thinking, “Yeah, but without beautiful Georgian Bay", take a look at our Armour-Stone-edged pool below. We can bring that to you too. (Well, almost.)

So when you start to think about what you’d like in your new backyard design, don’t just think about the “built" elements that are so common these days—decks, pergolas, cabanas, etc. (although we do love building those too)—remember the natural elements: stone, water, earth (plants, etc.) and air (or air flow). We also like to think about sound—adding some (e.g., a water feature) or minimizing it (e.g., with vegetation or sound-deadening screens).

More specifically though, consider Armour Stone. It’s rugged, has many uses, resists wear and erosion, and adds a luxurious timelessness to your outdoor space.

We’ve got the front-end loaders at the ready, just give us a call.

Here we used Armour Stone to create this natural-looking backyard waterfall water feature.

Armour Stone water feature

Here we used Armour Stone to add a natural rugged feel to the pool setting.

Pool Edging with Armour Stone

Here we knew that Armour Stone would ideally complement the grand entrance and path.

Armour Stone edging the front walkway

Armour Stone has many practical uses as well. Here we used it as a retaining wall. It protects the earth around the tree from erosion and adds a great decorative feature to the yard.

Armour Stone is the perfect decorative element.

The client wanted a front yard enclosure for her dog, done in a way that the neighbours would not find it to be intrusive or somehow take away from the lovely neighbourhood look and feel of the street. To accomplish this we put extra effort in the design of the fence, set it back so it wasn't too dominant, and combined it with Armour Stone. The client loved it, and so did the neighbours. 

Armour Stone can look elegant or casual.

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